CPSC 252: Final Project

By Jeremy Redgrfit, Chris Bolduc, and Zaid Ali

What We Did

The goal of this project was to create a robot that would push as many cans as possible out of a circle within two minutes.  To first attempt this, we assembled a MIT Handy Board, which itself was a challenging task.  Once we assembled the handy board, our project was still missing some vital parts.  We had to create a robot that would do this in the most efficient manner we saw.  Due to issues out of our control (not enough robot kits), the robot assembly was not completed by our group alone.  Instead, we used the robot created by another group consisting of Eddy Sfeir, Darrell Noice, Bobby Barcenas, and Lance Fluger.

Then, all that was left to do to create the code that would implement our robotís function.  We also made an Algorithm Design Document.

Group Members

Chris Bolduc:  I am 19 years old and majoring in Computer Science (emphasis in Software Design).  My first experience in programming was a one-week Java class I took at UC Irvine over the summer when I was in high school.  The following semester, I took AP Computer Science, which was in C++.  I learned more about Java my first year at Chapman University.  Originally, my emphasis was in Integrated Circuit Design, but after writing a few programs, one in particular involving Windows sockets, changing my emphasis to Software Design appealed to me more.  I hope to make a career out of data communications and networking, or possibly Information Technology.

Zaid Ali:  My major is Computer Science, emphasis on Software Design, at Chapman University. I started programming simple programs in High School and plan to improve my knowledge by learning as many computer programming languages as possible to be able to get a job in Computer Science in any field. My hobbies are working for hours on my PC, watching TV, playing tennis, ridding my bike. I was born and raised in Germany and came to the United States in 1999 to finish High School and get a Bachelors in Computer Science.

Jeremy Redgrift:  Iím a 19 year old Chapman University student majoring in Computer Science with an emphasis in Software Design.  Iíve been interested in computers since I was about 9 when I played my first computer game.  I hope to some day have a job in the computer game industry that I can enjoy as well as make some money.  My hobbies are playing videogames, tinkering with computers, hanging out with friends, and watching and playing sports.



This is the robot we used for our project.

Jeremy has tested the robot and it is ready to go!

Jeremy puts the robot in the circle and we prepare for battle...

It's on!

There it goes!