Airodump CSV Tools

This is a program I wrote to analyze one or more Airodump CSV files and provide more useful output.


  • Merges the CSV files into one CSV file, html file, or text file, keeping the APs and Stations together.
  • Has options to only show APs and Stations that are new or old in the last file you import.
  • Optional text output for cron, etc.
  • Adds manufacturer info (OUI) to APs and end devices, and the ESSID (if applicable) to end devices, in text/html output modes.
  • Adds GPS info captured from optional Android app

This program is provided as-is without warranty. Use it at your own risk.

View Readme (strongly recommended)

Download v0.5

Download v0.4

Download v0.3

Download v0.2

GPSLog Android App (APK)

GPSLog Android App (Source)