Computer Support Services

Is your home or business computer in need of repair?  Computer repair companies can be quite expensive.

I am a graduate student with 10 years of experience working on computers, and I have a bachelor's degree in Computer Science.

If you would rather spend about half of what they charge, I will do many of the same things they do.  Here is what I charge.

If you want to get a quote or set up an appointment or have any questions, email me or call me at 801-613-8813.  I live in Eagle Mountain, UT.


  • Software & Hardware
  • New computer setup
  • Wireless networks
  • Ethernet (Wired) Networks


  • Spyware/Virus prevention & removal
  • Diagnosis of hardware and software malfunctions
  • Slow or crashing system
  • Network and Internet connection issues
  • Hardware replacement


  • Data backup to CD/DVD
  • Installation of antivirus and anti-spyware software
  • Defragmentation and Registry clean-up
  • Active Directory configuration
  • Group policy deployments